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The Band Operating Service Agreement (BOSA) partially assists the booster organization with band camp, instruction, and pageantry costs.  The BOSA Agreement does not cover a overnight trip expense.  Should there be an overnight competition or event it will be announced n August.


Marching Band  Woodwinds, Percussion, Drum Majors & Brass BOSA for the 2022 season is  $200.00.  Below are the monthly installments for the members above-mentioned.


June 30  $75.00  July 30 $75.00  August 30  $50.00



Arrangements can be made for a student(s) experiencing a hardship. Perhaps we can help an interested band student by providing a solution to a unique situation or disadvantage you and your family are facing. We will also prefer to wait to inform our new members and families about shoe, bibbers, compression shirt, and other accessory purchases to a later mid-summer date.

to pay the $200.00 Band Fee in full by August 30, 2022
(credit card processing fee is included)

to pay 3 monthly installments 
$75.00 due on June 30, 2022
$75.00 due by July 30, 2022
$50.00 due by August 30, 2022

(credit card processing fee is included)

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